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2023 Highlighted Sponsors & Partnerships  

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2023 Donors/Sponsors List: 

Thank you to all of our amazing donors and sponsors. Without you all, we wouldn't be able to have the success we've had in the last year. Our players, families, and coaches appreciate your support! We hope to continue to add to this list & continue our partnerships with you all. 

Raisings Canes- Company Sponsorship

Reign Company- Company Sponsorship

See's Candies- Fundraising Donation

Moolah Kicks- In collaboration with Salt Lakers Foundation

Kongo Basketball- In collaboration with Salt Lakers Foundation

Conjure Salon & Beauty Bar (Andrea Atencio-Valdez)- Company Sponsorship

Benny & Amy Vigil: High West Contracting- Company/Individual Sponsorship

Chris Hill- Player Sponsorship

Veronica Alvarez- Player Sponsorship

Aldin Alagic- Backpack (50+ backpacks) & Player Sponsorship 


If you'd like to be a sponsor or donor for the Salt Lakers Foundation please reach out to Erica Martinez via Email: or you can go to our Sponsorships Forms tab, complete the form, & email it back to Erica at the above email address. Erica Martinez or Shay Thompson will be sending out all Donation Receipts starting in November 2023. If you have received a donation receipt from anyone else, it is a scam and will not be valid come tax season. Please reach out to Erica, and she will provide the correct documentation for sponsorship and donation receipts. 

Partnerships: Why Partner? 

1. Reputation & Brand Recognition- putting your name alongside the Salt Lakers Foundation creates goodwill and respect for our growing population of female youth. It also builds a reputation for accountability and integrity.

2. Positive media coverage- Your logo will be seen as a sponsor at charity events, foundation fundraising events,  in our gymnasiums, and highlighted on all social media platforms. 

3. Sense of well-being- When you give yourself as well as your employees a sense that they are giving back to the community, this can help improve health and boost employee morale, retention, recruitment, and loyalty. 

Steps to become a partner of the Salt Lakers Foundation: 

A. Send a partnership request email to Erica Martinez at Include any details about your company, yourself, and why you think this partnership will be beneficial for both parties. 

B. If approved, Erica will send a partnership contract agreement to you, including all details of the partnership in which both parties will sign, date, and agree to. Length of partnership will also be determined together prior to creating contract. 

C. Finalize Partnership & create pathways for female youth in a healthy partnership. 

We are willing to partner with anyone involved in basketball training, health & wellness services, nutrition services, community partners in Salt Lake County, small business partners, etc. We are open to partnerships with anyone outside of those services as well, so if you think you'd be a good fit and are interested, please reach out to Erica. 

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